Stand With Palestine: Defending Humanity, Opposing US Hegemony

Stand With Palestine – The people of Palestine are currently enduring the most heartbreaking genocide by Israel. The Zionists claim to target Hamas, but they are slaughtering Palestinian women and children. They are bombing hospitals, refugee camps, and rejecting ceasefires. The UN is silent with double standards. European and Western countries support Israel, and they threaten anyone who stands with Palestine.

The support for Palestine is growing in various countries, especially in Asia. Unlike hypocritical Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, which remains indifferent, support for Palestine is pouring in from countries like Malaysia and, of course, Indonesia. However, something shocking has happened: the UK has threatened Malaysia, and the US is pressuring them too. Humanity in the West seems to have died.

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim recently stated Malaysia’s reluctance to condemn the actions and regard Hamas as terrorists. Malaysia’s ambassador in Washington was summoned by the US State Department, and the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a démarche from the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Nevertheless, Anwar firmly stated, “our stance is consistent,” to stand with Palestine.

What about Indonesia? Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi delivered a powerful speech at the UN supporting Palestine’s independence. This means Indonesia and Malaysia remain consistent in standing with Palestine. Unlike Russia and China, whose actions are politically motivated, Indonesia and Malaysia’s motives are purely humanitarian. At the same time, the Western hegemony, particularly the US and Europe, must be opposed.

The issue of terrorism indeed needs to be fought against. However, accusing Palestine of terrorism clearly undermines human values, just as defending the Zionists who have killed thousands of Gaza’s civilians does. The double standards of the West and their hegemony cannot be tolerated. Accusing different entities of terrorism arbitrarily creates Islamophobia. The US hegemony truly harms Islam and the struggle for humanity.

USA, Israel, & Terrorism

The mastermind behind the terror in Palestine is, in fact, Zionism. When viewed in a political context, the US plays a key role in the oppression of Palestine, much like it does with other countries in the Middle East. US President Joe Biden has affirmed his support for Israel since the 1970s. So what is happening in Palestine today is the result of US-Israel actions and their propaganda of terrorism.

Ironically, the real terrorist is the US itself. As a superpower, the US’s arbitrary actions in various countries are evident. Nelson Mandela, who led the African National Congress, was once labeled a terrorist simply because he opposed US interests politically. Russian President Vladimir Putin was also labeled a terrorist for his invasion of Ukraine. There is an effort to frame the US as the hero, and any country opposing it as terrorists.

What about terrorism in the Islamic world, which the US responds to through the War on Terror? Upon closer examination, groups like Al-Qaeda were initially tools used by the US. They supported Osama and his business network to drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. After the Soviets left and US business-political goals were achieved, Al-Qaeda was labeled a terrorist organization. When Al-Qaeda indeed became a terrorist group, the US portrayed itself as a humanitarian hero.

Is the US truly fighting for humanity? Not at all. If they were advocates for humanity and peace, it would be impossible for them to support Israel. Both the US and Israel seem to be driven by a larger unseen force behind them, whether it be the Illuminati or even Satanism—global elites. Trusting the US and Israel as champions of humanity is a fatal mistake. Who suffers? The Muslim community.

This is where the Muslim community must be aware of its existence. Muslims must be intelligent so as not to be constantly deceived by the West. Islam has been harmed by the phenomenon of Islamophobia and the stigma of terrorism. Right now, Palestine is being leveled with the ground; its entire population is being slaughtered, and the US hegemony acts blindly to humanity. When will the Muslim community stand against this hegemony and defend the humanity of Palestine?

Muslims, Be Smart!

It is surprising that some Muslims consider the Israel-Palestine conflict as a non-religious issue, which degrades the unity of humanity. Muslims find it difficult to unite due to such weak attitudes: preferring domination by the US over showing sympathy based on faith and humanity. In short, Western hegemony has blinded some Muslims to the plight of Palestine.

However, it only takes empathy to see Palestine’s situation. Hamas might be extreme in their actions, but is supporting Israel the best choice? This needs to be approached with intelligence. Occupation, let alone genocide, is unjustifiable and a crime against humanity. The US is the mastermind: they label Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as terrorism but support the Zionists.

Ironically, in Indonesia itself, support for Zionism is high. Even more ironically, some of them are Muslims. It must be questioned whether such a mentality, justifying the massacre of civilians based on Western media framing, is acceptable. It needs to be emphasized that “stand with Israel” is a manifestation of the death of humanity. Yet, Palestine today is akin to Indonesia during the colonial era.

If one cannot directly fight to defend Palestine, showing sympathy can be an alternative, along with the principle of not justifying Israel’s actions. If the US hegemony is allowed to persist, it will spread to other countries, including Indonesia. Malaysia, for instance, is currently under pressure due to its stance. How can the US hegemony, which has harmed humanity, be allowed? Muslims, be smart!

Ahmad Khoiri, Analyst.

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